Coccoloba - A Luxury Villa to Rent in Nevis, West Indies


A Beautiful Vacation Villa To Rent In Nevis, West Indies

If you are searching for the perfect Caribbean vacation, the best recommendation I can give you about Nevis is this…

‘Nobody ever visits Nevis once’

Nevis is a beautiful and relaxing island with real warmth. The slow, laid back pace of life under clear blue skies and golden sunshine is hypnotic – it slows you down and chills you out.

Which is why everybody comes back !

Louise and I first rented a villa on Nevis in late Autumn of 2005 and we immediately fell in love with everything we found on this tiny gem of an island. The more time we spent on Nevis, the more we wanted to spend here.We looked for a property for sale but eventually decided to take the plunge and  build ourselves a vacation villa on the island.

I am a civil engineer, so the idea of designing and building our dream vacation home was, well, a dream come true!

And it has been exactly that.

We rent our villa to guests throughout the year and we like to think they have a very special time. Many of our guests have written about their vacation at Coccoloba and we have included some of their words on this website for you to read. We’ve also uploaded lots of pictures and a movie so you can look around the villa and see the spectacular views…

“Our week at Coccoloba was pure heaven!”

“I honestly cannot describe how beautiful the villa is”

5 Star Review


(Oxford, MS, US)

Nevisians take great pride in their island and will go out of their way to help you enjoy yourself and your time here. We are no different. We know pretty much everybody on the island – it’s a small place – so we can help you with all kinds of ideas and recommendations for how to make the most of your stay. Please just ask and we’ll help you any way we can.

Very Best Wishes,

Peter & Louise

Want To Come And Stay ?

If you would like to stay at Coccoloba for your vacation on Nevis then please get in touch as early as your plans allow.
Our villa is very popular and books up quickly, particularly during high season.

Coccoloba - A Luxury Villa to Rent in Nevis, West Indies

A Beautiful Caribbean Villa To Rent In Nevis, West Indies

Come and relax on this beautiful Caribbean island and live de life at Coccoloba